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what’s cooler than cool?

absolute zero

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has a muslim man ever played abraham lincoln

has an aboriginal woman ever played elizabeth I

has a black man ever played george washington

has a turkish woman ever played eleanor of aquitaine


then why the fuck would you get the whitest white men to play Ramesses II and Moses

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  • Me: This is the cutest cat I've ever seen.
  • *every cat I see*


I figured I might as well mark this inaugural post of my foray into Tumblr with something of tremendous stupidity. Thus!

Commander Sam Vimes is Ironhead (I was also considering Copperman or Stoneface).

Captain Carrot Ironfounderson is Captain Ankh-Morpork And Its Supporting Rural Environs.

Sergeant Detritus is The Incredible Splatter. It’s like a Hulk, only splattier.

Sergeant Fred Colon is Wowhawk, expert marksman whose arrows seek out dragons’ voonerables even - no especially - if it’s a million-to-one shot.

Captain Angua Von Uberwold is Blonde Wolf. She spends a lot of her time pissed off, not least because somehow ‘Blonde Wolf’ fails somehow to sound as sexy and mysterious as ‘Black Widow’ or ‘Scarlet Witch’.

Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom is (sorry) Phwoar.

They are brought together by the shadowy Havelock Vetinari, Agent of W.A.T.C.H. (probably) to protect the Disc from threats the like of which it has never - well, yet another cataclysmic threat, anyway.

The background elements which are stock, and the Tower of Art belongs to Jack Saxon.

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a tack on titan

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Do you think every president goes through a awkward first few weeks in office when they’re not sure when’s the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?

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"The Knights of Camelot are the most skilled fighters in the land."


ok im going to bed and all but like

things that havelock vetinari gets extremely worked up over and irrational about, for real, canonically:

  • mimes
  • modern art
  • the crossword

literally try to think of something more cute. you can’t. if you tell me you can i simply won’t believe you

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